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What is EMR?

What is the WaveRider?

The WaveRider is the only scientifically proven proprietary Noise Field technology device that protects against the harmful effects of man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR), without affecting the nature of the electromagnetic waves.
EMR is not something we can avoid in the Wireless Age. Mobile phones, TVs, WiFi routers, even modern day game consoles bombard our bodies with harmful unseen EMR.
The WaveRider brings the same Noise Field technology as used by the US military, right into the comfort of your home or office, creating a 9-meter radius sanctuary that protects you and your loved ones from the harmful EMR. The WaveRider does this without affecting the transmission quality of your WiFi or mobile signals.

What makes the WaveRider unique?

The WaveRider's efficacy has been tested and certified by independent laboratories in the US, including Nemko Global Services, Molecular Diagnostic Services, RF Exposure Lab LLC, and MET Laboratories. This is the only device of its kind that is based on patented technology with proven efficacy in neutralizing the harmful effects of EMR.

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Scientifically Proven
Noise Field Technology


US Patent Number – 8044376 B2
The present invention provides devices and methods that protect against exposure to remote sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). As such, the devices provide protection against a plurality of electrical equipment used in ordinary households and employment settings. The device includes a housing, a solenoid operably connected to a driver and a polymer. The solenoid generates incident radiation which results in the polymer emitting electromagnetic oscillations at frequencies that counter adverse effects associated with the subject’s exposure to the electromagnetic radiation.

How does the WaveRider work?

The WaveRider polymer material does not reduce the power of electromagnetic fields. It “shields” the cellular structures of the body against the harmful biological effects of EMR. The radiation still enters the body, but the neutralizing effect of WaveRider polymer material reduces the adverse effects associated with the exposure to EMR.

Man-made EMR harmful to cells
Man-made EMR harmful to cells
Information-carrying signal in wireless communication. The constant repetitive wave pattern of the EMR triggers biological protective responses.


WaveRider’s Noise Field beneficial to cells
WaveRider’s Noise Field beneficial to cells
Random electromagnetic waves or “noise fields” do not induce protective biological responses and thus do not lead to disease.


Man-made EMR superimposed with Noise Field acceptable to cells
Man-made EMR superimposed with Noise Field acceptable to cells
The “Protection-effect”: Superimposing a random noise field on a bio-effecting EMR negates the induced negative biological effects.

The science behind Noise Field Technology

For many years, the US army was concerned that many of their personnel operating radio, communications and other equipment showed symptoms of radiation poisoning, and realized they needed to protect themselves from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Eventually, they succeeded in creating a solution. They called it the Noise Field technology.

Over the years, researchers in various universities have found it to be effective against an entire range of EMR-related symptoms at both the cellular and genetic levels.

WaveRider Q&A

The WaveRider is a stand-alone device that provides active protection to homes and offices from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The scientist who invented it, Dr. Igor Smirnov, was awarded a US patent for this technology: US Patent No. 8,044,376: “DEVICES AND METHODS FOR PROTECTION AGAINST ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION”

The main difference of 5G EMR compared to 3G and 4G is that it is of much higher frequency. However, the WaveRider’s working principle is based on the MRET Noise Field generating polymer’s ability to generate random noise field in response to any ambient EMR regardless of the EMR’s frequency. Thus, the WaveRider will still be able to counter the adverse effects of 5G EMR.

The WaveRider is the brainchild of Dr. Igor Smirnov, a pioneer in biophysics, who graduated with a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Nuclear Engineering at St. Petersburg Naval Academy, Russia. He also obtained his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

During his early professional years after receiving his first degree, Dr. Smirnov spent time with the Russian Navy. After a few years, he continued his education at the prestigious St. Petersburg State University. His doctoral thesis in clinical psychology involved the study of very low and subtle electromagnetic radiation in the area of cellular structure and cellular communication (signal transduction).

Dr. Smirnov emigrated to the US in the early eighties and continued his research there. Dr. Smirnov was awarded a US patent, US 6,369,399, on April 9th, 2002, on “Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Material & Device." He continued his research and in October 2011, he was granted another US Patent, US 8,044,376: “Devices & Methods for Protection Against Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation.”

The invention of the WaveRider is based on these patents, an enabling technology that makes it possible to counter the adverse effects of EMR on human cells.

Our product is based on Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET), patented by Dr Igor Smirnov. Technical papers submitted to peer-reviewed scientific journals for publication would use the scientific term instead of the brand name. As such, the term used in place of WaveRider in the papers would be MRET Generator.

Yes. The WaveRider has been tested at the following labs in the US:

  • Namco Global Services, Ltd. (
  • RF Exposure Lab, LLC, an A2LA Accredited SAR testing facility, which is an FCC certified testing
  • MET Laboratories, Inc, ( established in 1959, has become a global leader for electronics product and device approvals and regulatory certification of electrical products; located in Baltimore,
  • Molecular Diagnostic Services Inc, ( a FDA certified biological testing facility.

The WaveRider has a life span of about 17,520 hours. This means that if it is turned on for 10 hours a day, it will last for up to four and a half years. A red LED light will begin to blink when 200 hours of use-life remain.

Just as with all materials, they have a “fatigue” point. The constant excitation causes the polymeric materials to have subtle changes in their structure. According to the experiment done at Kiev University’s material science department, they recommend a change of the core-part after 17,520 hours of usage time.

During the early years, the costs of R&D, registering the IPs, and marketing of the products have been very challenging and required significant financial resources. With the onset of 5G on the ground and millimeter waves from the satellites in space, the negative effects of EMR will be even more pronounced. This is the main reason we are lowering the price, hoping that it would make it affordable and help lower the barrier to the adoption of WaveRider. The economy of scales of our growing sales is also a big factor in the price reduction.

Yes, you can! Go to the product page and order a new core-part for US$800. Once you click the order button, we will do everything for you, from getting DHL to collect your expired product, change the core-part and sending it back to your door step (some remote locations may take more time).

  1. Once payment is received (it may take 5 to 7 days for PayPal to credit our account), we will process your order.
  2. We will send you all the necessary documents.
  3. Pack your WaveRider into its original box (or a similar or a slightly larger box). Ensure that the device is well protected. Do not use a box that's larger than 26cm x 18cm x 14cm.
  4. Call the nearest DHL office to collect your unit.
  5. Upon receiving your expired product, our technician will replace the core-part.
  6. Our logistics department will inform DHL to collect the parcel and send it to your

*Please take note that COVID19 has disrupted many supply chains and even DHL may not able to deliver within their usual time.

WaveRider’s non-electronic generated frequencies are very subtle, similar to the vibrational frequencies of the cells in our body. When you first install a Wi-Fi router at your home, you wouldn't feel uncomfortable or unwell. It works similarly with the WaveRider. However, you may notice that your sleep quality improves and some people may fall asleep more easily and have a sounder and longer sleep. When you wake up, you may also feel more refreshed and mentally alert. Tests have been conducted by Dr. Nobuhiro Maruyama; using an optical encephalography equipment with 16 probing points on the frontal part of the head, Dr. Maruyama measured and showed that there was an increase of oxygenated blood in 14 of the 16 points he measured.

The heart of the WaveRider or core-part can only be produced in San Diego by Dr. Smirnov. Every core-part needs testing for quality assurance before sending it to the factory in Singapore for assembly. The settings used to test the very subtle frequencies emitted by the WaveRider has to be done in a specific room and with specialized instrumentation. Hence, the QC process takes time. We are scaling up these facilities to cut down waiting time.